Recognition (Hakara)

An intimate portrait of surprisingly different women in a war stricken land.

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Three Men. Three Generations. One Fight.

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Nobody Home

Holy Mt. Olives, Jerusalem: people of the three religions search for meaning, faith, and redemption.

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God's Messengers

A powerful inside look at the group of Jewish settlers who inhabit the unauthorized outpost of Havat Gilad.

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Chau, Beyond the Lines

Chau, a teenager living in a Vietnamese care center for kids disabled by Agent Orange, struggles with the reality of his dream to become an artist....

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The Tour Guide

A look at the life and work of Nirit Ben Joseph, an Israeli immigrant in Germany who gives ‘Holocaust’ tours at key historical sites.

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A Blind Hero: The Love of Otto Weidt

Otto Weidt manages to keep his employees – who are nearly all Jewish and blind – from the clutches of the Nazis. When his secretary is deported...

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In the Name of the Temple

An analysis of the rise of religious zionism in Israel and its influence on the peace process with Palestine over the last decades.

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Victor Young Perez

Victor "Young" Perez , tells the astonishing, harrowing and incredible true story of a Tunisian Jewish boxer, who became the World Flyweight...

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I Am What I Play

A feature-length documentary about the heyday of rock radio.

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The Return

How do you build your identity when your past has been stripped away?

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50 Children: The Rescue Mission of Mr. and Mrs. Kraus

The Krauses, an American couple, brought the single largest group of children out of Nazi Germany during the Holocaust...

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Transit examines what it means to be a family and what it means to be a stranger, within one's home and in a foreign land.

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The Sturgeon Queens

The story of the famed Lower East Side smoked fish emporium Russ & Daughters and the Jewish immigrant family who has run it for 100 years and...

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(I'm Lost)

"A portrait of a musician, it has a real feeling of the life Bare has invented for himself and how similar it may be to the lives of musicians and even artists everywhere."
-D.A. Pennebaker

Lost Town

"To Betty Gold, the message is simple. 'I want to keep my town alive.'"
-Cleveland Plain Dealer