Badass Beauty Queen

The story behind Miss World contestant Anastasia Lin using her most powerful weapon, her beauty to stand up to an oppressive regime.

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Chau, Beyond the Lines

Chau, a teenager living in a Vietnamese care center for kids disabled by Agent Orange, struggles with the reality of his dream to become an artist....

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Daughters of Wisdom

In remote, rural Tibet, Buddhist nuns live as nomadic subsistence farmers and herders as they struggle to eat and survive. The nuns of Kala...

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Family Inc.

When filmmaker Emily Ting was asked by her father to return to Asia and take over the family business, she didn’t exactly know how to say ‘no.’...

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Hippie Masala

In the 1960s and 1970s thousands of hippies journeyed East in the search for enlightenment, free drugs or a 'pure' life. Indian peasants assumed...

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My Brothers and Sisters in the North

Sung-Hyung Cho was the first South Korean director allowed to film in North Korea, while accompanying residents during their everyday routines......

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North Korea: A Day in the Life

In this verite documentary the family of Hong Sun Hui, a female worker in a textile factory, takes us through an ordinary day in the country...

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Persona Non Grata

Against orders, a Japanese diplomat issued visas to 6,000 Jewish refugees during WWII.

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Resilience follows a Korean birth mother and her American son as they reunite and attempt to build a relationship after 30 years apart.

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Transit examines what it means to be a family and what it means to be a stranger, within one's home and in a foreign land.

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What Remains of Us

Kalsang Dolma, a young Tibetan refugee in Quebec, crosses the Himalayas. Into the largest prison in the world, she carries a video message recorded...

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Where the Sun Rises

Xanana Gusmao of East Timor is a living legend of our time – warrior, poet, peace visionary. The leader of one of the world’s newest nations...

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