Better Living Through Circuitry

The most important film to document youth culture since WOODSTOCK. A cross-section of the electronic subculture is represented as ravers, Djs,...

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Call It Democracy

Call It Democracy is a fresh perspective on voting rights, election reform and the unresolved electronic voting controversies threatening to...

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A fascinating and troubling document of the rise and fall of e-commerce, "e-Dreams" showcases the incredible story of, brainchild of...

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Fight for Space

What lead to the decline of NASA’s budget and why is it stuck in low earth orbit?

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Haack: The King of Techno

The enigmatic underground pioneer Bruce Haack, musician and inventor, has inspired the likes of Beck, Money Mark of the Beastie Boys, and Mouse...

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Into the Light

The Cité Mémoire soars above the city, revealing history through giant projections as characters of the past emerge from the stone walls...

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Liquid Vinyl

Crowds were moved to ecstasy as the first superstar DJs emerged out of the gay, underground New York City club scene in the '80s. The cult......

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Revolution OS

For the past two decades, a loosely organized group of computer hackers, neo-communists and entrepreneurs has led the charge in a technological...

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Taliya's comic-tragic quest for finding love in the estranged world of Internet dating.

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