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American Culture, Music
William Miller
91 minutes


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*Official Selection DOC NYC

*Audience Award & Special Jury Mention IN-EDIT Int'l Music Documentary Film Festival

"A portrait of a musician, it has a real feeling of the life Bare has invented for himself and how similar it may be to the lives of musicians and even artists everywhere."
-D.A. Pennebaker

"Because of his courage in portraying the lights and shadows of a complex character as Bobby Bare Jr, with subtlety and a very skillful use of cinema verite."
-In-Edit Music Documentary Film Festival - Barcelona Jury on why director William Miller received the Jury Special Mention at the 2012 festival.

"There's lots more to learn in this clear-eyed, fine-grained look at the life of a working rocker who just happens to have a famous dad. Bare Jr.'s wry, realistic take on his life and career anchor director William Miller's visually eclectic road trip." -MusicFilmWeb


An intimate "fly on the wall"documentary about iconoclastic rocker Bobby Bare Jr., son of country music legend Bobby Bare, and his struggles dealing with the repercussions of a perpetual life on the road - the constant separation and the disconnect from loved ones back home.

Musicians including My Morning Jacket, Justin Townes Earle, Hayes Carll, David Vandervelde, Blue Giant, Duane Denison, Carey Kotsionis, and Bobby Bare Sr. make appearances in the film.



William Miller
WILLIAM MILLER is a graduate of NYU where he received a BFA in Film Production, winning a CINEMATOGRAPHY AWARD for his film In The Ether at NYU’s First Run Film Festival. William most recently completed the feature documentary DON’T FOLLOW ME (I’m Lost) with musician Bobby Bare Jr. and has another feature documentary, Time Bomb, in post-production. He also edited the independent feature film Happy New Year which premiered at SXSW 2011, and recently produced and directed a live show with legendary host Dick Cavett.

More on Bobby Bare Jr.

Few that we have found can combine humor, pain, and anger in such an effortlessly well-crafted manner as Bobby.

With a big-as-the-room persona, an ability to rock the doors off the most jaded of clubs, the heart to hold a room completely still with just his guitar, and a genius for arrangement, Bobby Bare, Jr. and his band of merry makers are one of the most unique bands around. They are adept at abandoning common sense in favor of laying themselves at the feet of a rambunctious, freewheeling, and unfettered and unhinged muse.

Bobby's music is ample proof that commercial radio wouldn't know a genre-bending smash hit if it ran up and bit it in the ass, and, if radio programmers weren't all neutered corporate lapdogs, his songs would be in the broad canon of rock.

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