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Happy: a small film with a big smile

Art, Psychology & Mental Health, American Culture, LGBT, Sexuality
Michael Patrick McKinley
77 minutes


Winner - Staff Pick
Manchester Film Festival

Best Documentary - Jury Award
Out on Film Atlantal

Best Documentary - Audience Award
Out on Film Atlanta

Sydney K. Shapiro Humanitarian Award
Phoenix Film Festival

Official Selection
Savannah Film Festival
Milwaukee Film Festival
Chelsea Film Festival
Phoenix Film Festival
San Luis Obispo Film Festival
Weyuwega Int'l Film Festival



Magical things can happen when you draw your feelings!

Artist Leonard "Porkchop" Zimmerman is happy... now. Michael McKinley's documentary about Leonard is a survivor's story and a hero's journey. After losing his partner and suffering a lengthy battle with grief and depression, Leonard began using his own artistic process as a therapeutic vehicle for making his way out of the darkest of places. And the byproduct of his inspiring journey is a vibrant, emotionally evocative body of work that resonates with people of all ages and cultural backgrounds. And of course, Leonard's HAPPY campaign, which continues to canvas the globe, one smile at a time.

HAPPY is a story that explores love, loss, hope, and the incredible, transformative healing power of art.



Michael Patrick McKinley is a native of Santa Maria, California, but he has spent the last 25 years in Wisconsin, claiming to be a "Midwesterner at heart." Though his education is in Interior Design, Michael Patrick McKinley isn't one to shy away from new creative avenues or endeavors. He was doing product development for an Indonesian furniture company and contributed to a series of lifestyle blogs, aimed at sharing positive information and inspirational stories in his 30's.

"Over the years, I've learned to experiment without fear of failure. Trusting my instincts while flexing that faith muscle, has taught me that if I can visualize something, I can manifest it. Sometimes that means loosening my grip on vision, and trusting both process and the talents of others to help me co-create."

HAPPY is his directorial debut.


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