Honorable Ambassador

Environment, Politics, Africa, Jewish Film, Israel
Jonathan Paz
60 minutes


Official Selection
Toronto Jewish Film Festival
Jerusalem Int'l Film Festival



Mickey Arbel, the Israeli Ambassador in Cameroon, Africa, sets out on a long and exhausting journey into the deep jungles and arid deserts of Africa, to persuade the villagers of the need for drip irrigation, which would resolve once and for all the severe irrigation problems of this very underdeveloped country. This is a frustrating journey, surreal, exciting, funny, full of events and action and most importantly- very cinematic. But no less – it is also the inner journey of Mickey deep into himself and his past.


Jonathan Paz was born and a member of kibbutz Mizra. Married with 3 children. (His 2 sons- Yoav Paz & Doron Paz, are film & T.V directors).
Jonathan holds M.F.A from N.Y.U, Graduate School, Institute of Film & T.V, School of the Arts, Advanced Program.

A teacher and a lecturer, Paz has written, produced and directed features films, documentaries, educational films and worked for Israeli Television.


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