Iseta: Behind the Roadblock

Human Rights, Africa, Government
Juan Reina
60 minutes


In April 1994, on a quiet road in Kigali a group of neighbors in Rwanda were filmed. These were the opening days of the Rwandan Genocide, and even though almost one million people were slaughtered, remarkably this is the only known segment of brutality caught on film.

ISETA: BEHIND THE ROADBLOCK is about the extraordinary journey of that evidence as Juan Reina, the original photographer, returns to Rwanda and revisits the people and events that he caught on film. As the footage returns to the community, friends and family come together to work with Reina to identify the victims and, eventually, the killers.

The Rwandan Genocide stands as one of the most horrific events of the 20th century. "Iseta: Behind the Roadblock" puts a human face to that incomprehensible tragedy.


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