Our Sons

World Affairs, War, Israel, Jewish Film, Jewish Highlights, Middle East
Avi Maor Marzouk
55 minutes


Avi Maor Marzouk


The film tells the story of three volunteer soldiers from the Golani Brigade, who were killed next to each other on the first day of the ground entry into Gaza in Operation Eitan in 2014. Sean Carmeli, an American Israeli from Texas, Jordan Ben Simon, a French Jew who grew up in anti-Semitic Lyon, and Max Steinberg, a young man from Los Angeles. Sean, Max and Jordan broke into the Israeli national consciousness when they were accompanied on their last journey by tens of thousands of Israelis heard about their funerals on social media. Their funerals, attended by tens of thousands of Israelis who did not know these fallen soldiers, became a symbol of volunteering, belonging, sacrifice and a testament to the strong ties between the diaspora and Israel.


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