Some Nudity Required

American Culture, Women, Film & Film History, Sexuality
Odette Springer
77 minutes


"[Some Nudity Required] is by turns, good-natured, confrontational, and disturbing." -Entertainment Weekly

"Nudity Required insightful, outrageously entertaining documentary memoir that's made to order for voyeuristic arthouse habitues." -VARIETY

"...Kind of like watching a train wreck. Sad, provocative, hilarious. I immediately wanted to see it again." -Billy Bob Thornton, director "SLING BLADE"

"An incisive, first-hand look at the world of exploitation films."-Janet Maslin, NY Times

"This film should be required viewing in every film school in the country." -Ron Maxwell, director "Gettysburg"


SOME NUDITY REQUIRED is a naked truth presentation of Hollywood's B-movie genre, from a point-of-view rarely seen. It gets to the heart of the hopes and dreams of the people who gave us slumber party hits like MIDNIGHT TEASE and SORORITY HOUSE MASSACRE.

For some of the directors and actors in the film, the work they do is a fun ride, for others it's merely an unpleasant, but necessary stop on their way to A-list, but for more it's an oddly familiar and often devastating journey into the dark secrets of their past .

Odette Springer documents both in interviews and film clips the world of erotic/
slasher/action movies--a world she worked in for 4 years as Roger Corman's music supervisor. A classically trained musician and opera singer, filmmaker Springer becomes a modern day Alice on a harrowing, yet insightful trip through the looking-glass of a "second cinema" as she analyzes both her repulsion and attraction to the images and themes around her. Stunning questions of cause and effect inevitably arise.

SOME NUDITY REQUIRED features most of the prominent players from the industry including Roger Corman, Directors Jim Wynorski, Catherine Cyran, Fred Olen Ray, and veteran "scream-queens" Maria Ford and Julie Strain.

Each provides their own view on the relevance of the material they create. And each offers their opinion on why these films have the followings they do. For a genre that was made by Hollywood as a proving ground for young stars, it has grown to cult-category status.

With SOME NUDITY REQUIRED, Springer gives us a powerful portrait of the fragility of fame and the cost of stardom.


Odette Springer

Born in New York City, Springer graduated with honors from the Lycee Francais de New York. She is fluent in French, Spanish and Dutch. She started playing piano at the age of two. Earned a BA in Piano, Theory and Composition from Manhattan School of Music. Studied voice with Giuseppe Balestrieri, Marc Forrest, Seth Riggs, Ricki Byars.

In 1991, Springer became Vice-President of Worldwide Music for Concorde/New Horizons Pictures. She supervised the music in over 50 films.

In 1994, she began production of the documentary feature "R-RATED: SEX AND VIOLENCE IN HOLLYWOOD". She shot 48 hours of footage and obtained the right to use clips from over 30 erotic/slasher films/action adventure feature films. It evolved into 90 hours of footage that became a harrowing personal journey and spiritual crisis which resulted in "SOME NUDITY REQUIRED."

Springer lives in Los Angeles with her 11 year old son, where she continues to compose and supervise music. She is currently recording an album and in development on her next film.


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