Stranger in Zion

Politics, Religion, World Affairs, Middle East, Jewish Highlights, Jewish Film, Israel, Drama, Civil Rights
Ben Grayzel
41 minutes



Taglit Birthright has sent over 700,000 young diaspora Jews to Israel. Stranger in Zion tells the story of one of them, but also tells a much larger story: the rocky relationship forming these days between Israel and diaspora Jewry. Ben, a young secular North American Jew’s pilgrimage to the holy land is in search of identity in the age of cosmopolitanism; he crosses over to meet the other and is exposed first hand to the hardcore settler movement’s effects on the Israeli- Palestinian conflict. A grandson of a Holocaust survivor, Ben is conflicted between his support of Israel and his criticism of its policies; Taglit Birthright has not prepared him for this.
Stranger in Zion is a brave and candid personal essay of a young American student.


Ben Grayzel is a documentary filmmaker based in Vancouver British Columbia. He directs Olam Films, a production studio making documentary-style content for non-profits and ethical businesses. Ben hopes to use the medium of film to affect change in the world to promote human rights and environmental stewardship.


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