The Jewish Question

Short Film, Jewish Film, Art, Comedy
Doug Fishbone
10 minutes


The Jewish Question looks at various stereotypes and misconceptions about Jews and money over the years. It examines these questions through the prism of Fishbone's father's experience, growing up in the Jewish community of the East End of London, as well as his family’s broader immigration history rooted in fleeing antisemitism in Europe.

The film was commissioned as part of London’s Jewish Museum's Jews, Money, Myth exhibit, exploring the role of money in Jewish life.



Doug Fishbone is an American artist living in London. His film and performance work is heavily influenced by the rhythms of stand-up comedy - leading one critic to call him a “stand-up conceptual artist” – and examines the more problematic aspects of contemporary life in an amusing and disarming way. He presented a major project at the 56th Venice Biennale in 2015 and has exhibited at many of the UK’s leading institutions, including Tate Britain and the Hayward Gallery.


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