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The Milk Trial

Women , Drama, Africa, Israel, Jewish Film, Fiction
Jonathan Paz
89 minutes



Based on a true story, a young Jewish girl living in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco gives birth to a baby from her forbidden love. She hides the baby, but is suspected by the village leaders. They make her undergo "The Milk Trial" in the village square where she is "tested" to see if she is producing milk for a child. She flees and is chased to Casablanca. (Some adult content and brief nudity.)


Jonathan Paz was born and a member of kibbutz Mizra. Married with 3 children. (His 2 sons- Yoav Paz & Doron Paz, are film & T.V directors).
Jonathan holds M.F.A from N.Y.U, Graduate School, Institute of Film & T.V, School of the Arts, Advanced Program.

A teacher and a lecturer, Paz has written, produced and directed features films, documentaries, educational films and worked for Israeli Television.


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