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X's & O's

Kedar Korde
92 minutes



In this twenty-something romantic comedy, sparks fly when a biochemistry researcher, whose experiments in dating up to this point have failed miserably, takes a different approach toward solving his problems and attempts to make the woman of his dreams jealous by dating the lab partner next bench over. It's not all hugs and kisses in the game of love. What's your strategy to score?


Kedar Korde

‘X's & O's’ is Kedar Korde's first feature film. His short, ‘Love's Rapid
Transit’, premiered at the Oakland International Film festival and
played at various Bay Area film festivals and venues. Korde received
his B.S. in Microbiology and discovered that the only thing more
difficult than sitting through a dissection of a human cadaver in
medical school was sitting through a dissection of a movie in film
school. He dropped out of both. Currently, he is in preproduction on
his second feature film, ‘Confessions of a Professional Child’, with his
creative partner and editor of ‘X’s & O’s’, Chris W. Hill.


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