Radiohead: Meeting People is Easy is playing at HotDocs again!

This Film Should Be Played LoudSee new, classic and rare concert films on the big screen. Celebrate the 20th anniversary of OK Computer with Radiohead as they perform their eternally classic album to stages around the world. This time capsule documentary captures the band at the apex of their career, conquering popular music and segueing into the experimental. In proper Radiohead fashion, this is not your typical concert doc: Meeting People is Easy also takes a look at the band’s obligatory photo sessions, interviews, and gruelling press junkets, shot here on Super 8 and handheld cameras, giving a more critical impression of what it means to be one of the biggest bands in the world.” – HotDocs

Film Accolades & Reviews

Grammy Award Nomination for Best Long Form Music Video
“Fans will be entranced.” – San Francisco Chronicle
“Compelling, distinctive.” – Variety

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