“Letter To A Pig” Earns Oscar Nomination!

“Letter to a Pig” has been nominated for an Academy Award in the animated film category.

In her debut, solo short film, filmmaker Tal Kantor employs a combination of live-action and hand-drawn animation to explore the profound and intricate theme of a Holocaust survivor addressing a roomful of students. The narrative revolves around the survivor sharing a letter composed for the pig that played a crucial role in saving his life. The film delves into the intertwining dynamics of reality, memory, and imagination, particularly through the lens of a young schoolgirl’s response to the powerful narrative.

In the interview with Animation World Network, the director, Kantor, explains “First, I prepared the concept art and storyboard. Then actors were cast and directed at a greenscreen studio, and the live-action footage was edited (by Efrat Berger) as a reference for the animation. Then the animators and I prepared the hand-drawn imagery of the characters according to their initial design and completed the frame-by-frame paintings on paper which were scanned back into the computer. In the last step, all the elements were merged in software so that they would feel like one organic whole.” (Read the full interview here)


“In a historic moment for Israeli cinema, the animated short film “Letter to a Pig” by director Tal Kantor has secured a nomination in the Best Animated Short Film category for the 2024 Oscars.” – i24 News

“It is hard to remember a recent film that tackles such a large, abstract, yet important theme as Letter to a Pig does, and it does so in a sophisticated way, by capturing how memory, reality, and the subconscious intertwine and influence each other. And yet, the film is emotionally and intellectually legible too, as its honest and raw look at that charged topic is what makes the film so captivating and powerful. It is not only a great short, but an important one too—a film we expect to be referenced and returned to in the coming years.” – Short of the Week

“The Israeli counterpart is Tal Kantor’s Letter to a Pig, which could become the first-ever Israeli production to win the Oscar in any film category… Different styles emphasize how human memory is fallible and how recalled images and imagination are often abstract.” – Cartoon Brew

“The animation is also distinct, so much detail in every line & every paint stroke. Definitely worth a watch.” – FirstShowing.Net

Film Accolades

Best Animation Film Jerusalem Film Festival
Best Narrative Ottawa International Animation Festival

Official Selection
San Francisco International Film Festival
Guadalajara International Film Festival
Annecy International Animation Festival
Philadelphia Jewish Film and Media’s Festival
Judy Levis Krug Boca Raton Jewish Film Festival

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