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Explore the enchanting realm of Fioretta as it garners acclaim from 100+ press reviews. Uncover the buzz surrounding the documentary film.

“Fioretta,” the lusciously shot Jewish genealogical documentary by Israeli-American filmmaker Matthew Mishory, is clearly a labor of love, filmed by a Jewish team deeply engaged with their own culture and history, eager to share the process of this exploration with audiences……Shot mostly in Vienna, Prague and Venice, “Fioretta” is a graceful tribute to a mostly vanished Jewish European society.” – Gavriel Fiske, Times of Israel

“What makes this film remarkable and stand out from other historical documentaries is the visual language and narrative structure… And if you’re a fan of history, then this film is 100% for you.” – Script Magazine

”It seems ironic to discuss the importance of graveyards and record-keeping at this moment. Yet, suppose there’s one thing Fioretta accomplishes. In that case, it conveys how important it is to pass Jewish heritage and cultural information on from one generation to the next, providing signposts for all cultures and peoples. In so many European families, war, adoption, and separations due to unthinkable consequences have predominated yet left a trail of clues and facts that yield diligent and careful research.” – Film Threat

”An absorbing documentary about family roots… Mission accomplished.” – Times of Israel

”Randol Schoenberg is known…for being the Los Angeles lawyer who helped an Austrian Jewish woman recover Gustav Klimt paintings confiscated by the Nazis. Now he has another major accomplishment…directed by Matthew Mishory, [Fioretta] is frequently touching and humanistic and has excellent cinematography.” – Cincinnati Magazine

“A not-to-miss film… Matthew Mishory’s films blur the lines between documentary and narrative.” – Chronogram Magazine

”Genealogy can be a truly fascinating thing. One thing leads to another and next thing you know, you’ve fallen down the rabbit hole. Fioretta is a documentary that manages to keep audiences captivated as we follow the Schoenbergs on their journey…the people we meet along the way are just as fascinating.” – Solzy at the Movies

”Matthew Mishory…this time uses the same rich visual style to shoot an emotional journey of father-and-son… The Schoenberg legacy just got much more interesting and substantial.” –

”This is a very good film…a wonderful tale of family and history and how sometimes they collide.” – Unseen Films

Fioretta – Trailer.
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History-obsessed Randy Schoenberg (memorably portrayed by Ryan Reynolds in Woman in Gold) brings his reluctant teenage son Joey along for the journey of a lifetime, through Europe and the centuries, to reclaim 500 years of their family story. Along the way, they encounter kings, mystics, and a false messiah — as well as numerous ordinary and extraordinary people who witnessed Europe’s tumultuous past. And the relationship between father and son is forever changed. Randy is renowned for recovering Nazi-looted art, but his greatest achievement might just be reuniting the fractured and scattered shards of his own family. Filmed on location across Austria, Czech Republic, and Italy, Fioretta is “a meditative and intensely visual exploration…[filmmaker] Matthew Mishory reveals what history hides.” – Film Threat

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