“How do you mourn a father you’ve never met?”

Director’s Statement:

“My parents—the way they reacted to me—like there was a part of me they didn’t know— and I felt it.”

“Even my mother was reacting to me like she didn’t know where I came from.”

“How do you mourn a father you’ve never met?”

“I felt like pretty much an alien in my own family, and I never understood why.”

“I really wanted to know, ‘who was this person who was missing from my life, who I came from?’ ”

– Donna Marvin-Platt

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Missed Conceptions – Trailer.
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A woman defies secrecy and discovers her donor-conceived father’s identity, unraveling a rich tapestry of his life through interviews and uncovering shared traits, in the documentary ‘Missed Conceptions’.

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