Star-Studded Cast Including Oscar Isaac and Evangeline Lilly to Voice ‘Legend of Destruction’

Oscar Isaac: “Terrifyingly Relevant”

Meet the Voices: LEGEND OF DESTRUCTION ft. Oscar Isaac, Evangeline Lilly, Elliott Gould & Billy Zane

Director Gidi Dar​
“This story is at the core of Jewish existence, one of the darkest moments of my people, yet few know it. I felt compelled to tell it.”

Oscar Isaac
“It is a story that has great historical sweep, but also is very intimate; it is about a personal relation between the lead character and God.”

Evangeline Lilly
“This film is sweeping, it’s tragic, it’s really brutal and sad, but it’s true.”

“The animation incorporates 1,500 original paintings by David Polonsky and Michael Faust, the artists behind the 2008 Oscar-winning animated film Waltz with Bashir.”

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Legend of Destruction Trailer.
Contact 7th Art for the screener to preview the film.

A tale of a city gone mad, based on the historical events leading up to the destruction of the Second Jewish Temple in 70 CE, which changed the destiny of the Jewish people forever. Based on Talmudic legends and the accounts of Yosef Ben Matityahu (Josephus Flavius), LEGEND of DESTRUCTION depicts the dangers of greed, social injustices, corruption, polarization, political hubris, and, above all, religious fanaticism in the name of God. These events took place some 2000 years ago, yet the timeliness of this formative story to the Jewish people is shocking.

Gidi Dar, The Director (‘Ushpizin’):

“Legend of Destruction’s” relevancy to events unfolding in Israel right now is shocking, frightening, and thought-provoking; for 76 years now, North American Jewry has had admiration and hope for Israel regardless of political, religious, and cultural affiliations. North American Jews have been praying for Israel, donating to many causes related to the Jewish State, traveling to it, and overall have been drawing from Israel a great sense of confidence and pride. Now, Israel’s internal turmoil and the effects of the Gaza conflict have spilled over into our shores.

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