Only in America

Jewish Film, Politics, American History, American Culture, Government
Ron Frank
72 minutes


"Fun, clever and insightful" -Howard Mortman, MSNBC


ONLY IN AMERICA follows Joseph Lieberman's landmark political progress from the 2000 Gore/Lieberman presidential race to his recent announcement that he will run for the top spot in 2004. Standing as witness to the Jewish-American process of emergence, from an ethos of persecution to the threshold of the White House, this is a truly American story. With Senator Lieberman's campaign and personal history as its centerpiece, the documentary paints a picture of the Jewish-American experience at the turn of the millennium. In the midst of a rally in Santa Fe a hand holds a sign reading, "Viva La Chutzpah," summing up the phenomenon created by a Vice Presidential campaign in which Joe Lieberman, an unabashedly Jewish candidate, crossed over ethnic and religious lines bringing out people of majority and minority backgrounds in record numbers.



Ron Frank

Frank, Producer and Director of Only in America, specializes in entertainment specials, documentaries and reality-based programming. Ron Frank is an award-winning producer whose credits span more than twenty years in film and television production, direction, writing and editing. His projects have aired on such channels as TLC, Lifetime, The History Channel and PBS. Frank also lived in Jerusalem, Israel in the early 1980s working for CNN and ABC News as well as producing film and television productions for the Israeli Government. He is currently working on How to Know God, based on the best-selling book by author Deepak Chopra.


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